Tag: NPC


  • Oleg Leveton

    Oleg is a gruff no nonsense middle-aged man who agreed to rebuild the old fort into a trading post to get away from Restov and the constant political machinations there

  • Svetlana Leveton

    Svetlana moved to Oleg's Trading post with her husband Oleg Leveton and has help rebuild the ruined fort into the current trading post.

  • Bokken

    Bokken is a crazy hermit living in the Greenbelt fairly close to Oleg's Trading Post. He sells potions he creates to Oleg for supplies.

  • Sycrius

    Sycrius was abandoned at birth in the forest and knows nothing of his birth parents. The only parent he knew growing up was his adoptive mother, a Nymph named Creusa. Creusa raised Sycrius in the forest as best she could, instilling in him her loving …

  • Thorn

    Thorn was found on the doorstep of a Rogarvian nobles house, born from a deal he had made to save his life. The noble immediately sent the child to an orphanage to be out of his life. Thorn got her name when she about clawed the eyes out of an older …

  • Guildencrantz

    Guildencrantz is talented journeyman surveyor and cartographer hired out of New Stetven by Eudonius Mathis-Lebeda to aid in his reclamation of the Stolen Lands. Cold, particular, persnickety, and profoundly uncomfortable in all situations, particularly …

  • Lord Mykal Carovich

    Lord Mykal Carovich of House [[Lebeda]] is a middle-aged man with dark flowing hair, a stern countenance, and a fast blade. He has served his house his entire life. Being a second son he has a title but not holdings of his own. Lord Carovich has worked as …

  • Riptuk

    Riptuk is a kobold that was spared by the adventurers after his scouting party ambushed and was then summarily thrashed by the adventurers. He has become the "trademaster" of the [[Sootscale Tribe | Sootscale]] kobold tribe and is now leading monthly …

  • Chief Sootscale

    The leader of the [[Sootscale Tribe]] of kobolds. He is grateful to the adventurers for helping him regain control of his tribe from a false shaman and for help defeating the mites that were also attacking the Sootscale Tribe.