RMS Kingmaker

Into the kobold lair

We explored the Kobold lair today. I was reminded why I stick with magic. The only other person logical enough to know that magic is the answer, our cleric Osanae, was indisposed through the events. I swear, all these people with the swords and bows and clubs don’t know how to use them. They beat themselves with them as often as the enemies. By Nethys’ graces I was able to keep them all standing, though. I see why my father sent me to watch after these people.
In the end, they managed to beat down the kobold leader and his minions. His blood was quite interesting, somehow providing him protection as we beat it out of him. He was also much more evolved towards dragon-kind than any other kobold I’ve seen. I’m hoping some study of his blood will provide answers. I took several vials to allow for experimentation with it. Hopefully Nethys will help provide answers to this.

The Journal Of Laniss- Scouting And Combat Training Needs

Today was an interesting adventure. I find myself genuinely learning to like the people I am adventuring with. Thorn has departed- I will be sad to see her go. However we have gained a new adventurer. I think she will grow to fit our traveling party well.

We scouted some more territories in the Stolen Lands today. For the first part we battled some Tatzlwyrms. The river bog appeared to be their home- I pulled another body from the river. Some armor and gold as well. I find my deficiencies while firing into melee to be quite cumbersome. I will be training with some of the other party members and the guards at Olegs to try to learn the art of firing into crowds better. I would hate my hesitation here to cause injury to one of us… or worse.

We also met a Elf-like creature who appeared to be drifiting in between the planes. He mentioned that he did not know where he was and that he has slipped. While I wanted some more time with the individual, we had a job to perform. He did not appear to be in pain or in danger when we departed.

We are about to enter what appears to be a very well-concealed Kobald cave. This gives me great pause.. I must take extra effort to improve my skills in combat should we encounter trouble.

My ultimiate worry with the Stolen Lands is that someone will eventually take a great interest into this pack of adventurers. We have consistently defied trouble with the “Stag King”. Perhaps we have not caught his attention since our first encounter at Olegs yet. Perhaps we never will. Forever I must stay on guard and my bow ready.


From the journals of Eudonius Mathis-Lebeda

I returned from Restov and delivering the bandit lieutenant to the Swordlord’s justice to find something most disconcerting: my erstwhile companions were cavorting and drinking at Oleg’s with a band of kobolds. It seems these “soot scale” creatures have recently reclaimed a mine and the rest of the company made a deal to allow them to continue to mine and trade the ore with Oleg. I am not pleased they decided to treat with these scaly little things without me but it was late and I was too tired to discuss it. When I awoke the next morning the tribe had left.

We continued mapping and exploring for the next several days. I was pleased to discovered there was boar in the woods south of Oleg’s Trading Post We tracked and fought one. Dax was delivered a grievous blow, but recovered with Thron’s help. Zolan struck the killing blow and I gave him the tusks as a prize. We dined well on roast boar that night.

We learned of another tribe of kobolds in the area, these ones have bronze scales. They had dug up a patch of a root vegetable known as dragon root, sometimes used as an emetic by healers, but evidently has an intoxicating effect on kobolds. They attacked us to defend their hoard, but in their inebriated state were no match for us; I sincerely doubt they would have been a match for us were they at full strength.

Returning to Oleg’s we found a man named Anton, a representative of Restovian smithing interests. It seems the sample of ore we sent them was so remarkable they sent a personal liaison to propose a deal. The ore is known as “Ghost Iron” and is so rare as to be semi-mythical; no smith in Restov has worked it in living memory. It purportedly takes enchantments easier than common iron, and is supposed to be proof again ghost, spirits and other incorporeal creatures. His employers will pay handsomely for exclusive rights to whatever raw ore we can recover.

It was decided we should return to the sootscales to discuss the ghost iron and also learn about other kobold tribes in the region. This suited me well as I want to make a few things clear to the their leader regarding our arrangement, and I also want to know the extent of dragon root use and trade among the tribes; I will not have drug smugglers running free in my new lands.

The trip down was eventful. We fought giant spiders in a copse of dead trees. I was badly bitten and their venom caused my joints and muscles to lock tight for a time. It passed eventually, but being paralyzed is not an experience I care to repeat. We burned the trees to make sure no more were hiding further inside. It was a good fire.

The final day before we reached the sootscales mine we encountered possibly the most astounding thing. We came upon a crossing on a river, recently burned. The bodies of small folk and bandits alike were in the area. The bandits bore tokens of the “Stag Lord” a bandit of some note in the stolen lands. One corpse in particular caught our eye. It appeared as though it had drowned and was left submerged for some time, but the destruction was too recent and besides the body was well above the river line. We were trying to puzzle what could have caused such a thing, when the answer presented itself to us in the form of an ambulatory corpse. This corpse too had drowned, buy the look of him, but had been reanimated by some fell magic. At first we made to defend ourselves against the creature but it made no move toward us. That was merely puzzling; what was shocking was when it spoke and asked if we were the stag lord’s men. We said no, and that we were actually seeking to rid these lands of his influence. The dead man asked that we bring his corpse to this spot on the river and toss the body in, so that this creature could exact his own revenge for the violence done to him and his family. We agreed to do this thing, once the Stag Lord was dead.

On a more personal note I’ve been working with Dax, teaching him to go for help if I should fall in combat. I feel the training is going well.

Your First Day Out
"Oh, Rocky!"

In the early afternoon the adventurers reached Oleg’s Trading Post. When they arrived Oleg Leveton was busy fixing the roof of the stable and they were greeted by Svetlana Leveton. Svetlana quickly inquired if the adventurers were sent from Restov to deal with the bandits that had been harassing them. The adventurers responded that they were, though not directly. Without further need to be asked the adventurers began to prepare for the bandits eminent arrival the following morning, to collect their “taxes”. These taxes being everything the trading post had when they arrived.

The following morning the bandits arrived and after a very short conversation the fighting ensued. Laniss Variset was quickly shot by the leader of this group of bandits and fell upon the ramparts quickly bleeding to death. After this initial stroke of good luck the bandits did not fair so well and were dispatched by the remaining adventurers and Laniss was brought back from the brink by Thorn. After the fight was over the bandit who lead this group to the trading post was prevented from dying and questioned by the adventurers. After some less-than-ethical interrogation techniques he revealed the location of the camp he and his bands leader were using as a staging area. The adventurers set out for this location after sending Eudonius Mathis-Lebeda and his noble steed Dax back to Restov with the bandit lieutenant so he could be brought to justice for his crimes. Eudonius’ hirelings Guildencrantz and Rosenstern remained behind at the trading post to await their lord’s return.

While on the way to the bandit’s camp, strange things began to happen… culminating in Zolan being knocked out by a fey dart. Shortly after this two fey creatures, a grig named Tyg-Titter-Tug and a faerie dragon named Pervilish, revealed themselves to the adventurers and thanked them for being “good sports”. After talking for a while with Tyg-Titter-Tug and Perlivish the adventurers convinced them to help them “have fun” with the “biginses” that were bothering them.

In the evening the adventurers and their new fey allies came upon the bandit camp. All manner of chaos ensued as Perlivish drugged the bandit leader with his breath weapon and Tyg-Titter-Tug caused the bonfire to become a could of noxious smoke. The adventurers used this confusion to spring a surprise attack and quickly dispatched all of the bandits except the leader Kressel who was also interrogated but without the extreme measures her lieutenant required. In the moring the adventurers returned to Oleg’s Trading Post and sent Kressel to Restov also. They were greeted by a much happier Oleg and Svetlana. Then Svetlana inquired if the adventurers found a ring at the bandit camp. It turns out they took her wedding ring as part of their taxes the last time they were here.

You Have Answered the Call of the Swordlords!
"The temple is close, but the night is cold. The tavern is far, but I have a cloak."

It is the night before you are to leave to travel into the wilderness of the Stolen Lands. You have been provided a warm meal and a warm bed at the Swaddled Otter in Restov at the expense of Lord Mykal Carovich of House Lebeda, an Aldori Swordlord of Rostland. You spent the evening getting to know your traveling companions and talking about your expedition. The plan that Lord Carovich suggested, in a letter carried by Sir Eudonius Mathis-Lebeda, was for you to stop at Oleg’s Trading Post due to it being a half day’s ride south of Restov along the road and head out from there the next day to begin your surveying of the Stolen Lands.

Post a comment saying what saving throw you’d like a +1 to for the first game session.


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