Lord Mykal Carovich


Lord Mykal Carovich of House Lebeda is a middle-aged man with dark flowing hair, a stern countenance, and a fast blade. He has served his house his entire life. Being a second son he has a title but not holdings of his own. Lord Carovich has worked as his older brother’s aid and majordomo since he returned from training as an Aldori Swordlord. Lord Mykal Carovich seems content with this arrangement, while he has responsibilities to his house, family and older brother the weight of the responsibility of the holdings falls to his brother, and then his brother’s only son. While the family holdings are in the fertile plains near the center of Lebeda lands Lord Mykal Carovich spends most of his time preforming his duties in either New Stetven and Restov.

Lord Mykal Carovich’s arms are: On a chief ermin reversed, a sword or hilted azure. Per pale argent and azure a swan resplendent counterchanged beaked sable. The whole distinguished with a label of three points sable, the central point charged with a sheaf of wheat or.

It is rumored that he has laid low over a dozen men in single combat, most of whom had given good cause under honor.

Lord Mykal Carovich

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