RMS Kingmaker

The Journal Of Laniss- Scouting And Combat Training Needs

Today was an interesting adventure. I find myself genuinely learning to like the people I am adventuring with. Thorn has departed- I will be sad to see her go. However we have gained a new adventurer. I think she will grow to fit our traveling party well.

We scouted some more territories in the Stolen Lands today. For the first part we battled some Tatzlwyrms. The river bog appeared to be their home- I pulled another body from the river. Some armor and gold as well. I find my deficiencies while firing into melee to be quite cumbersome. I will be training with some of the other party members and the guards at Olegs to try to learn the art of firing into crowds better. I would hate my hesitation here to cause injury to one of us… or worse.

We also met a Elf-like creature who appeared to be drifiting in between the planes. He mentioned that he did not know where he was and that he has slipped. While I wanted some more time with the individual, we had a job to perform. He did not appear to be in pain or in danger when we departed.

We are about to enter what appears to be a very well-concealed Kobald cave. This gives me great pause.. I must take extra effort to improve my skills in combat should we encounter trouble.

My ultimiate worry with the Stolen Lands is that someone will eventually take a great interest into this pack of adventurers. We have consistently defied trouble with the “Stag King”. Perhaps we have not caught his attention since our first encounter at Olegs yet. Perhaps we never will. Forever I must stay on guard and my bow ready.



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