RMS Kingmaker

Your First Day Out

"Oh, Rocky!"

In the early afternoon the adventurers reached Oleg’s Trading Post. When they arrived Oleg Leveton was busy fixing the roof of the stable and they were greeted by Svetlana Leveton. Svetlana quickly inquired if the adventurers were sent from Restov to deal with the bandits that had been harassing them. The adventurers responded that they were, though not directly. Without further need to be asked the adventurers began to prepare for the bandits eminent arrival the following morning, to collect their “taxes”. These taxes being everything the trading post had when they arrived.

The following morning the bandits arrived and after a very short conversation the fighting ensued. Laniss Variset was quickly shot by the leader of this group of bandits and fell upon the ramparts quickly bleeding to death. After this initial stroke of good luck the bandits did not fair so well and were dispatched by the remaining adventurers and Laniss was brought back from the brink by Thorn. After the fight was over the bandit who lead this group to the trading post was prevented from dying and questioned by the adventurers. After some less-than-ethical interrogation techniques he revealed the location of the camp he and his bands leader were using as a staging area. The adventurers set out for this location after sending Eudonius Mathis-Lebeda and his noble steed Dax back to Restov with the bandit lieutenant so he could be brought to justice for his crimes. Eudonius’ hirelings Guildencrantz and Rosenstern remained behind at the trading post to await their lord’s return.

While on the way to the bandit’s camp, strange things began to happen… culminating in Zolan being knocked out by a fey dart. Shortly after this two fey creatures, a grig named Tyg-Titter-Tug and a faerie dragon named Pervilish, revealed themselves to the adventurers and thanked them for being “good sports”. After talking for a while with Tyg-Titter-Tug and Perlivish the adventurers convinced them to help them “have fun” with the “biginses” that were bothering them.

In the evening the adventurers and their new fey allies came upon the bandit camp. All manner of chaos ensued as Perlivish drugged the bandit leader with his breath weapon and Tyg-Titter-Tug caused the bonfire to become a could of noxious smoke. The adventurers used this confusion to spring a surprise attack and quickly dispatched all of the bandits except the leader Kressel who was also interrogated but without the extreme measures her lieutenant required. In the moring the adventurers returned to Oleg’s Trading Post and sent Kressel to Restov also. They were greeted by a much happier Oleg and Svetlana. Then Svetlana inquired if the adventurers found a ring at the bandit camp. It turns out they took her wedding ring as part of their taxes the last time they were here.


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