RMS Kingmaker

You Have Answered the Call of the Swordlords!

"The temple is close, but the night is cold. The tavern is far, but I have a cloak."

It is the night before you are to leave to travel into the wilderness of the Stolen Lands. You have been provided a warm meal and a warm bed at the Swaddled Otter in Restov at the expense of Lord Mykal Carovich of House Lebeda, an Aldori Swordlord of Rostland. You spent the evening getting to know your traveling companions and talking about your expedition. The plan that Lord Carovich suggested, in a letter carried by Sir Eudonius Mathis-Lebeda, was for you to stop at Oleg’s Trading Post due to it being a half day’s ride south of Restov along the road and head out from there the next day to begin your surveying of the Stolen Lands.

Post a comment saying what saving throw you’d like a +1 to for the first game session.


Will save.

Also, I still need to finalize my equipment list. I will getting that done tonight.

khy0te khy0te

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