RMS Kingmaker

Into the kobold lair

We explored the Kobold lair today. I was reminded why I stick with magic. The only other person logical enough to know that magic is the answer, our cleric Osanae, was indisposed through the events. I swear, all these people with the swords and bows and clubs don’t know how to use them. They beat themselves with them as often as the enemies. By Nethys’ graces I was able to keep them all standing, though. I see why my father sent me to watch after these people.
In the end, they managed to beat down the kobold leader and his minions. His blood was quite interesting, somehow providing him protection as we beat it out of him. He was also much more evolved towards dragon-kind than any other kobold I’ve seen. I’m hoping some study of his blood will provide answers. I took several vials to allow for experimentation with it. Hopefully Nethys will help provide answers to this.


khy0te wookie1120

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